Kyung Eun You

October, 2019

New York, New York

Thank you Kyung, for being so patient. 

A month has gone by, a busy month, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I sometimes recall our conversation. I didn’t want to record our meeting, and with no clear evidence, I must say that it was a humbling, and forgiving experience. 


Over coffee, and some walking, you invited me into the print shop you worked at, and the world of your work. We talked about your move from Korea to LA, and then to New York. To the jobs you worked at, the bars you tended in. 


We danced around the subject of your work, “where are we now”. Neither one of us wanted to spell it out. As if it wasn’t blatant enough already. We crafted a careful puzzle of MadLib, talking around blank spaces that we both knew the answers to. I think I didn’t know how to bring it up, even now? I had wanted to ask, how do you show this work, how do you talk about it. To people who don’t know you, to people that do. 


I remember something now, you said “my excuse was to learn the technique, but all I could think about were these things”. Maybe that’s how it all starts. 


Kyung, you were definitely one of the harder subjects to photograph. Every moment so fleeting, as you catch my lens’s eye, and look away immediately. Unlike your prints, repetitive, imprinting, and cyclical. Towards the end, you told me that “ it’s not an addiction when it’s your family”, your prints were really unforgiving to yourself, but you were very forgiving towards ones you love. 


We talked about your prints, your CMYK without K, your new explorations, and I left with two prints that I chose, they also happened to be your some of your faveorites. Now they live on the walls of my home, mimicking the shadows that come out every once in a while, rather permanently.  


 In a world so oversaturated, Kyung, you moved me. Thank you. 

Photos taken by Cookin' Up Magazine, July 2019

Artwork images courtesy of the artist