Jesse Ng

August, 2019

Brooklyn, New York

A beautiful dissection, scientifically explored, contraceptive-ly imaginative, that's Jesse's work to me. At first glance, Jesse’s work had a quiet demeanor, still and serene. Yet the subjects often had an eternal kind of presence, the shelters, artifacts, nature, the earth’s layers. Surrounded by her work, it was almost as if I had entered a museum of her world, carefully kept, meticulously created. 


Jesse, like her work, was soft-spoken but not to be mistaken as soft. In tangent to the way she juxtaposes hard lines with organic ones, she herself may be that of her work. A constant perusal of the natural world, and the artist's hand. Her works give a calming effect, “nothing jarring, but fresh”. I would say the experience standing before her work was straightforward and refreshing. I had wanted to dig very deep, I had wanted a story of maybe even a traumatizing experience, yet in the end, I was ashamed at the way I approached Jesse’s work. As if creating alone was not already the greatest story of an artist. Jesse tells me, “The complexity lies in the drawing experience”,
and I could not agree more. 

Photos taken by Cookin' Up Magazine, July 2019

Artwork images courtesy of the artist


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